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Operational Expenditure for next 3 FYs

Apr-18 to Mar-19 Apr-19 to Mar-20 Apr-20 to Mar-21
Avg estimated No. of resident children 2300 3000 3500
Parivaar Residential Institutions (Bengal) (In Lacs) and from ‘18-19 also in MP 885 1155 1400
Seva-Kutir projects (Day Meal-cum-Education centres) (In Lacs) 175 175 175
Annual Local Area Welfare Projects in INR (In Lacs) 35 35 35
Total Expenditure in INR (In Lacs) 1095 1365 1610

Average Costs per Resident Child at Parivaar’s Residential Institutions

It is to be understood that the below-mentioned table gives the average costs per resident child at Parivaar. All donations are pooled together and spent on the whole Parivaar family. Thus each donation actually benefits all the children. So it is not that a particular donation is spent exclusively on a particular identified child or children. Thus, we do not have a child sponsorship scheme in sense of individual donors sponsoring specified child(ren). 

Sr. No. Annual Expenditure per  Resident Child Amount in INR
1 Fooding Costs 19,000
2 Educational Costs 3,500
3 Clothing and Accessories Costs 3,500
4 Health and Medical Costs 1,500
5 Sports, Cultural, and Recreational Costs 1,000
6 Hygiene and Toiletries Costs 500
Grand Total in INR 38,500

Parivaar Day Boardings (Meal cum Education Centres) in MP (for children 3 to 14) – Seva Kutirs

  • 4 Seva Kutirs runnings at Eklera (200 children), Nevada (175 children), Chhipaner (175 children), Icchawar (120 children)
  • All Kutirs set up only in highly impoverished rural pockets.
  • Nutritious breakfast with milk and full lunch (roti-sabzi, dal, rice) given.
  • Study for 4 hours in child-friendly environment with games and fun.
  • More than 50 % are girls.
  • Transportation for pick and drop to children from distant villages.
  • Costs at Eklera Kutir : Rs 21 Lacs
  • Costs at Nevada Kutir : Rs 18 Lacs
  • Costs at Chhipaner Kutir : Rs 18 Lacs
  • Costs at Icchawar Kutir : Rs 12 Lacs

Infrastructure Development in the year at Parivaar (Bengal) in 2018-19 (Rs 1400 per sq ft)

Sr. No. Purpose Expenditure (Rs. in Lacs) Total (Rs. in Lacs)
A. New Residential Blocks for about 400 more girls at Girls’ Campus.

22548 sqft

1400*22548 = 315.67
B. Residential Block cum Dining Hall at Boys’ campus

22548 Sq ft

1400*22548 = 315.67
C. New Residential Block at Boys’ campus

17571 sq ft

1400*17571 = 246
D Extension Building of School

13000 sq ft

1400*13000 = 182
E Assembly and Multi-purpose Hall

5270 sqft

1400*5270 73.78
F. Boundary Wall, pathways and other Miscellaneous Work 25 25
G. Approx Costs of furnishing the blocks with cots, lockers. Almirahs and Dining Hall with dining tables and benches etc. 45 45
Total 1203.12

Infrastructure Development in the year at Parivaar (MP) in 2018-19 (Rs 1400 per sq ft)

 S.No  Purpose  Expenditure (Rs. in Lacs)  Total (Rs. in Lacs)
A Development of 13,000 sq ft School Building 1400*13000 182 Lacs
B Development of 9000 sq ft Residential Block for boys 9000*1400 126 Lacs
C Dining Hall and Kitchen (2200 sq ft) 2200*1400 30.80 Lacs
D Sevak-Sadan (6 single-room complex for staff-in-residence and visiting guests / volunteers) 1500 sq ft: 13000 sq ft 1500*1400 21 Lacs
E Costs of lockers, almirahs, cots, tables, benches for children 15 Lacs
F Pathways, Tanks etc 20 Lacs
Total 394.90


Examples of Donor Participation

Capital Expenditures

  • Infosys Foundation has sponsored construction of residential block for boys as well as girls for Rs 5 Cr over last 4 FYs.

Operational Expenditures

  • Infosys Foundation has contributed towards fooding costs at Parivaar by donating Rs 1 Cr.
  • Thermax has contributed towards meeting costs of 250 resident children at Parivaar by donating Rs 1 Cr annually for last 3 FYs.
  • Star India has been making a grant of Rs 1 Cr over last 2 FYs for Operational Expenditures.
  • Deutsche Bank India has been making a grant of Rs 1.19 Cr over last FY for Operational Expenditures.
  • Clerx has been supporting entire manpower costs of Amar Bharat Vidyapeeth.
  • Emami has supporting by providing free cooking oil, medicines through Frank Ross Pharmacy.


Possibilities of Donor Participation 

  • Contributing towards rooms, units, residential blocks in infrastructure of Bengal or MP Residential Institutions.
  • Sponsoring individual Seva Kutirs in MP.
  • Sponsoring the costs of a given number of residential children at Bengal or MP
  • Creating an Endowment for Residential Institution or Seva Kutirs.
  • Sponsoring Meal at Residential Institutions for a day / week (Rs 75,000 per day at Parivaar Bengal).
  • Arranging in kind support

Possibilities of Non-Financial Support 


  • We need volunteers who can stay for a period of a week to a year.
  • We have had volunteers from various parts of India, Singapore, USA, UK.
  • Volunteers can engage in various tasks like career counseling, cross-cultural exposure, field-work, documentation.

Other ways

  • Help in job placements of Parivaar kids.
  • Help in arranging internships, apprenticeships for Parivaar kids.
  • Being a Parivaar spokesperson in one’s company or region
  • Helping with a CSR engagement with one’s company.