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Contributing towards Running Expenses:

Average Costs per Child

It is to be understood that the below-mentioned table gives the average costs per resident child at Parivaar. All donations are pooled together and spent on the whole Parivaar family. Thus each donation actually benefits all the children. So it is not that a particular donation is spent exclusively on a particular identified child or children. Thus, we do not have a child sponsorship scheme in sense of individual donors sponsoring specified child(ren). 

Sr. No. Annual Expenditure per  Resident Child Amount in INR
1 Fooding Costs 19,000
2 Educational Costs 3,500
3 Clothing and Accessories Costs 3,500
4 Health and Medical Costs 1,500
5 Sports, Cultural, and Recreational Costs 1,000
6 Hygiene and Toiletries Costs 500
7 Manpower and other Establishment Costs 9,500
Grand Total in INR 38,500