Fast Facts & Key Milestones

Fast Facts

  1. Over 98%of children who enter Parivaar complete the program, meaning they stay through high school graduation and enter into university courses.
  2. Parivaar’s children are scoring well above average on state-administered tests, even though most received no schooling before they joined us.
  3. Parivaar’s graduates are following their dreams, on the road to becoming engineers, nurses, accountants, social entrepreneurs, and yes, some are on their way to becoming Parivaar’s future leaders!
  4. ¬†Parivaar won India’s highest non-profit sector recognition, becoming the 2011 Recipient of the National Award for Child Welfare.

Key Milestones

  • 7 batches of Grade 10 children pass with 97% doing on their first attempt despite being very late started in education.
  • 5 batches of Grade 12 children pass with 100% doing on their first attempt despite being very late starter in education.
  • 33 children getting employable after skill programs with NSDC affiliates after their graduation / higher secondary in respectable firms.
  • Some children also working with Parivaar as interns in important roles along with doing their graduation and being developed for frontline leadership in future years.
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