Key Operational Ingredients

1. Admission Process & Parameters

  • 2000 cases of such children come to our notice annually.
  • Neediness assessment by filtering Prima facie information, Site visit, detailed investigation.
  • Special Enquiry team visits the child’s existing location and collects detailed profile, facts and information.

2. Bridging (Fast-Learning) and Tutorship Programs

  • Youngest admitted children (aged 4, 5, and 6) are taken into most initial classes.
  • Children who have age of 8 to 12 and no exposure to education trained ‘Fast-Learning Bridge Course’ and the admitted into a grade suitable for their age.
  • Along with the formal schooling a strong after school tutorship (2 to 4 hour daily) ensures continuous good academic performance.

3. Amar Bharat Vidyapeeth(ABV)

  • Parivaar’s own High Quality Formal School having medium of instruction English as well as Bengali.
  • Currently from Class 1 to Class 10.

After Class 10, children continue to stay at Parivaar and under Parivaar’s care, and attend outside institutions for higher secondary and colleges / university.

4. Handholding through entire Growth Path (Kindergarten to Higher Education / Placement)

  • Each resident child once admitted into Parivaar is under the care and custody of Parivaar till higher education and subsequent job placement and settlement into the future phase of life.
  • For example, children showing aptitude for meritorious professional lines is trained and fully supported (just as parents do for their own children) till completion of that higher education and subsequent placement.
  • Our earliest set of children is in career-paths like nursing, accountancy and many other professional lines etc.

5. Skill Programs

After Grade 12, Parivaar kids undergo various Skill Programs which are in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation affiliate partners. In past our kids have undergone Skill Programs in areas like Hospitality, Nursing, IT and BPO, Paramedical, Aviation, Beauty & Wellness, Electronics a& Home Appliances, Computer Gardware & Networking etc. All the candidates after this get jobs. About 33 boys and girls have been gainfully employed from amongst our earliest batches.

6. Fooding & Nutrition

  • Daily 4 cooked meals (Breakfast, lunch, Evening snacks, dinner) along with an early morning starter
  • Same food partaken by all Sevavratees as well as children at the same venue
  • Cooking done with high standards of hygiene.

7. Health, Diet, Hygiene and Medical System

  • Scientifically planned healthy and balanced diet.
  • Water-purifiers in each residential block.
  • Additional dietary supplements given to children as per their needs.
  • 24-hour medical care by a team of 7 medical personnel.
  • Parivaar Ambulances to meet any exigencies.
  • Separate Medical File for each child to maintain continuous health and medical history.