Program Design

The Parivaar Model combines dedicated long-term staff with a holistic living and learning environment.

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Our Staff: Parivaar “Seva-vratis”:

Seva-vratis, our staff, are a deeply committed group of people and have shown tremendous dedication to the ideology behind Parivaar.  For all new staff, we have a mentoring process so they can most effectively join the Parivaar team.

Seva-vratis – many of whom have been with Parivaar’s Founder, Vinayak, since the beginning – become a deep part of the organization’s history and memory. We can therefore say each one of them is an essential piece of Parivaar, not only crucial in the present state of operations but critically important for the actualization of Parivaar’s continued growth and future goals. It is only with such highly dedicated, capable and life-long devoted workers that we are able to take a long-term view of what it means to change the course of life in India.


The Parivaar model provides holistic care. That means we address every aspect of a child’s life: her lodging, food, medical care, physical fitness, spirituality, and education.

The boys’ campus, called Parivaar Ashram, has over 900 boys currently in residence. This campus is home to Parviaar’s school – Amar Bharat Vidyapeeth, which all our kids – boys and girls – attend. This is also home to our main sports field, where kids play during recess, in the evenings and on the weekends. There are also infrastructural facilities like library, computer lab, study hall, dining hall, recreational hall and of course the residential blocks(dormitories).

The girls’ campus, called Parivaar Sarada Teertha, has 508 girls currently in residence. This campus, located only a mile from the boys’ campus, has all the infrastructural facilities which are present in the boys’ campus.

School (Amar Bharat Vidyapeeth):

Parivaar is more than just safe, clean, comfortable homes for boys and girls. It is also a place for children to get a superior education, with a rigorous schedule of regular classes, tutoring, and test preparation. We have our own high school, affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Education, called Amar Bharat Vidyapeeth (ABV). It is located on our boys’ campus, and both boys and girls attend main classes there. 11th and 12th grade students go to one of a few nearby schools to complete their degrees. After Grade 12 (higher secondary), kids enter a university program or a skill based vocational program, based on interest and aptitude.

If the newly admitted children are deemed not yet ready to start school in (or near) their chronologically age-appropriate grade, they are kept at Parivaar’s accelerated learning program, called Bridge Program, until they catch up.

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Health, Dining, Hygiene and Medicine:

The diet at Parivaar has been designed by a nutritionist, and both the staff and the kids eat the same healthy, balanced meals and snacks. Parivaar has water purifiers located throughout both campuses so access to clean, fresh water is available at all times.

Parivaar has a team of seven medical personnel, living on both campuses, allowing for 24-hour medical care. Doctors visit twice a week for general check-ups and to respond to any complaints. A Parivaar ambulance is stationed 24 hours a day at each campus and is used to meet any exigencies. All members of the Parivaar community, children as well as resident Seva-vratees, are covered under group insurance.

Hand washing before and after every meal.

Hand washing before and after every meal

Learning Outside the Classroom

Cultural Events: On Parivaar’s annual calendar there are 15 days of cultural celebrations, including three 3-day festivals in January, May and August. Every member of the Parivaar community – from kids, to teachers, house mothers, coaches and the Founder – engages. There are songs and dance numbers, plays, speeches, readings and more. Additionally, we have 1-day cultural celebration events on many other occasions, including Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Netaji Jayanti, and Children’s Day. Parivaar also has trained instructors for different spheres of arts and culture, including classical music (vocal and instrumental), classical dance, and graphic arts.

Extra-Curricular Activities: One important feature of Parivaar’s model is the participation of both teachers and children in all facets of extra-academic activities. Sports activities are engaged in regularly. During winter – locally, the cricket season – weekly matches are held between Parivaar and teams from local youth clubs.  Occasionally, night matches under lights are conducted, complete with band and music, and the whole Parivaar community – 1500+ strong – comes out to cheer our team on. Kids at Parivaar also have access to a football (soccer) field, a volleyball court, and table tennis. Additionally, every year we hold our Track & Field Competition. It takes place over 7 days in the last week of December, and has about 120 different track and field events for children and staff.

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Mind-Games and Word-Games like Chess and Scrabble are very popular among our children, who love to play with the staff after dinner. Children’s movies and inspirational and educational films are shown on weekends. Sports matches on television are followed devotedly by staff and kids alike.

The Parivaar libraries have shelves filled with both children and adult books in three languages – Bengali, Hindi and English.

Television-news watching, documentary watching and reading newspapers and periodicals are prioritized at Parivaar. Newspapers in both English and Bengali come daily to both the boys and girls campuses where children are encouraged to read them.

Festivals: Celebrations like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Id-ul-Fitar, Saraswati Puja, and birthdays of important national figures and freedom-fighters are observed every year, along with national festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day. On these occasions, talks and discussions are conducted in order to help the children understand the deeper meaning of these special days.

Excursions: India is home to a number of spectacular sights, and as frequently as possible we take kids on excursions in and around West Bengal. Visits to places like museums, art galleries, exhibitions, libraries, theaters and planetariums, as well as to places known for their natural beauty, are the sites of just some of our excursions.

Skill Programs

Over last 2 years the senior batches (post-Higher Secondary and University level Under-Graduation) underwent a number of Skill and Employability Programs. Many of these programs were in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation affiliate partners. In past our kids have undergone Skill Programs in areas like Aviation, Hospitality, Nursing, IT and BPO, Paramedical, Beauty & Wellness, Electronics a& Home Appliances, Computer Hardware & Networking etc. Some went multiple Skill Programs and also multiple job offers. All the candidates after this get jobs. 34 boys and girls have been gainfully employed from amongst our earliest batches into organised sector.

Post-Secondary Skill and Employability Programs Stream






Hospitality services






Electronics and Home appliances









IT Services






34 have already got jobs and are now working.