Village Initiatives

Parivaar has a number of outreach and welfare programs in its local area and various field areas.

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  • Education Excellence Program: Parivaar is supporting the education of 3,000 students from the surrounding village areas. These students are provided books and other materials – often impossible for parents to buy – ensuring these kids continue with their education. This endeavor will continue to be scaled up in the coming years.
  • Welfare Initiatives in the Local Community: Parivaar provides medical assistance, including vaccination campaigns, emergency pecuniary services, and sports events for village youth.
  • Ambulance Service for Surrounding Villages: Parivaar runs a 24-hour ambulance service for the population in the adjoining rural areas. All people in need of hospital services must go the 1.5 hours to Kolkata, impossible for many villagers at odd hours of the day and with no means of public transportation available. Now these villagers can avail themselves of Parivaar’s ambulance services whenever they are in need.
  • Monthly Foodstock Scheme for old and ailing villagers: In our village community, 700 older and destitute persons are under a Monthly Foodstock Scheme and receive a stipulated quantity of rice, dal (lentils), oil and other essentials required for the month. They also get help acquiring medicines and physician visits when required.
  • Field-based work in tribal areas: Parviaar does outreach in over 50 villages to some of the most impoverished tribes in all of India. These populations suffer from chronic malnutrition, and members of these communities live in sub-human conditions without the benefit of education and the most basic modern amenities. Two main tribes, the Sabar and Birhore, are the main beneficiaries of Parivaar’s tribal service programs. More than 400 children from these tribal areas have been admitted at Parivaar, with a plan to keep increasing this number over years.